Magnetic field meter













This magnetic field meter is designed to control the magnetic particle test benches. It can detect the value of the field created by the bench and present on the surface of the pieces. The curve function enables the real time display of the magnetic field shape. The Analysse can measure continuous, 50 Hz alternating and half-wave rectified magnetic fields.

Technical characteristics

Detection characteristics

Hall effect sensor

Measurement range: +/- 47kA/m

Units: kA/m, A/m, A/cm, Oe, mT

Display resolution: 0.01kA/m, 10A/cm, 0.1Oe, 0.01mT

Frequency range: from 40Hz to 410Hz


Mechanical and environmental characteristics

Dimensions: 120 x 65 x 22mm (probe not included)

Weight: 180g with battery

IP code: IP54


Electrical characteristics

Power supply: 9V battery

Battery life: 20 hours


Datasheet : Analysse

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