Reference value: Ambient dose equivalent rate H*(10)

Detector: Energy compensated GM from 60keV to 1.5MeV

Unit: mSv/h

Reference source: Cs 137

Sensitivity: 0.7µSv/h for Cs 137

Display range: between 0.001mSv/h and 100.00mSv/h

Measurement range: between 0.01mSv/h and 99.9mSv/h

Response time: < 2s for a significant variation of 0 to 0.5mSv/h

Threshold alarm: 1.6mSv/h

Mechanical and environmental characteristics

Dimension: 120 x 65 x 22mm

Weight: 220g with battery

Alarm sound level: 80dBA at 30cm

IP code: IP67

Electrical characteristics

Power supply: 9V battery

Battery life: 400 hours for a dose rate of 0.01mSv/h


Datasheet: Dolphy Evolution

Dolphy Evolution

A compact radiation meter designed for your safety


















This device is intended for gamma dose equivalent rate measurement, and specifically for nuclear power plant workers. Its simplicity makes it user friendly for a wide audience. Small, sturdy and lightweight, this radiation meter is perfectly suited for field use.





Technical characteristics

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