Dolphy Frottis

A smear-sample contamination meter design for your safety























This device is designed to measure or detect any beta radiation surface contamination. It is intended for alpha contamination provided that the type of contamination has been previously identified. It is ideal for wipe measurement during 300 cm² indirect surface contamination inspections. The steel grid protects the detector against shocks and makes it suitable for site tools and equipment inspection. The Dolphy Frottis ensures the facility's cleanliness inspection following decontamination.

Threshold (without BCKG) : 4Bq/cm²

Wipe over 300 cm² : 15 x 20cm

Wipe efficiency : 0.1

Inspection time : 10 s (mini)

Use only in EDR

Technical characteristics

Detection characteristics

Reference value: activity reduced to a 300 cm² wiped surface. 

Detector: GM PANCAKE sensitive to beta from 15keV and alpha from 4.5MeV

Unity: Bq/cm²

Reference source: Cobalt 60

Sensitivity to α et β: 4.5c/s / Bq/cm²

Display range: from 0 to 199.99Bq/cm²

Response time: < 1s for any significant variation between 0 and 23Bq/cm²

Integration time: automatic from 0.5 to 60 seconds.

Mechanical and environmental characteristics

Dimensions: 114 x 72 x 34mm

Weight: 320g with battery

IP code: IP54


Electrical characteristics

Power supply: 9V battery

Battery-life: 80 hours for an activity <100Bq


Datasheet: Dolphy Frottis

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