Residual magnetic field measuring device












In a NDT process by magnetic particle testing, it monitors the items following demagnetization. The probe fixed to the housing allows for one-handed measurement while the other hand can handle the item. The sensor is accurately placed into the probe thereby ensuring the measurement repeatability from on device to another.

Magnetis is designed to verify the absence of residual field following the demagnetization of the items inspected by magnetic particle testing. It is equipped with a data processing algorithm that allows for a quick reaction while displaying a stable measurement.

Technical characteristics

Detection characteristics

Hall effect sensor SS495A

Measurement range: +/- 47kA/m


From 0 to 100A/m: 1A/m

Beyond 100A/m: 10A/m


Mechanical and environmental characteristics

Dimensions: 120 x 65 x 22mm (probe not included)

Probe's dimensions: 10 x 27.5mm

Weight: 180g with battery

Housing: ABS reinforced plastic

IP code: IP64

Electrical characteristics

Power supply: 9V battery

Battery life: 30 hours (without blacklight)


Datasheet: Magnetis

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