Equipment Monitoring - Metrology

Carmelec makes a commitment, through its quality approach, to be present

at every stage of the product's life.


We ensure the calibration and the inspection of our radiation protection and NDT devices. We also propose our expertise to verify many of our competitor's devices. 


Continuous field (positive and  negative) up to 45 kA/m

Peak AC field (50 Hz) in the range 0 : 25 kA/m

Effective AC field (50 Hz) in the range 0 : 20 kA/m

Half-wave rectified peak field (50 Hz) in the range +/- 25 kA/m

Half-wave rectified effective field (50 Hz) in the range +/- 10 kA/m




Light meter, Photometer Pollux.

Radiation meter:

Carmelec has a collection of alpha, bêta, gamma and X rays radio-active standard sources which allow us to calibrate our dose rate meters and contamination survey meters and those of our competitors.

Our services are COFRAC accredited. Our team and equipment are at your disposal to offer timely quality service.

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