Vibrating wire sensor measuring device










Succeeding the MFTS I, the MFTS II measures vibrating wire sensors installed during the construction of civil engineering structures.


Monitoring and maintenance

Carmelec offers a comprehensive solution for your MFTS devices monitoring. Contractual fixed periodical maintenance and checking ensure cost control and minimize administrative obligations.


     - A verification commitment for normal maintenance within 5 working days (excluding vacation periods)

     - Repaired devices returned within 15 working days (at the return date of the accepted quote)

     - Loan device possible under certain conditions

     - Technical support that centralizes experience feedback

     - A series of control points defined with EDF to insure measurement quality, and sensors excitation efficiency and quality

Technical characteristics

Measurement characteristics

Measurement Unit: decihertz (dHz)

Measurement range: from 1 600 to 16 000dHz

Resolution: 1dHz

Sensitivity: 200µV to 100mV RMS

Programmable filter: 4th order

                                      Step of 250dHz

                                      Width of +/- 20 %

Excitation voltage: 70V in normal sensor mode

                                      25V, 50V and 90V in hard sensor mode

                                      110V, 130V and 150V in boost mode


Mechanical characteristics

Weight: 385g

Housing material: ABS

Electrical characteristics

Electromagnetic compatibility: EN 61326 : 2006

Power supply: 9V battery

Battery life: 50 hours / 800 measurements



Operating temperature: between 0°C and 35°C

Storage temperature: between -20°C and 55°C


Datasheet: MFTS II

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