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This device is designed to measure the gamma dose equivalent rate. It is particularly suitable for dosimetric high risk interventions or radiological event recordings. In addition to its radiation meter function, the Neo is able to transmit its measurements by radio frequency. It can also display the measurements of the other nearby Neo.

Ease of use

There is no need to configure the network. The network configures automatically when the devices are turned on. Its flexibility allows it to dynamically adjust to a Neo entry or exit.

The simplicity of the device makes it user friendly to a wide audience. Its small size will fit into any pocket. Its light weight allows for wearing it in its pouch around the neck.

The Neo radio has been specifically designed for difficult environments such as nuclear power plant's reactor buildings. The signal easily passes through reinforced concrete walls. In case of unavoidable obstacles, a Neo can be placed in repeater mode in order to double the radio range.


The Neo ensures user safetu and measurement reliability. The LUCID calculation system means both quick response to dose rate changes and stability offering a great experiences. The backlight will heighten the measurement readability in dark or night environments.

Measurement quality

The LUCID system displays the statistical precision of the measurement. This  paramter indicates the measurement potential fluctuation depending on the dose rate level and the measurement time. It identifies in dynamics the measurement quality.


The alarm (mechanical, visual and sound) can be sensed even in difficult environments.

The Neo can emit alarms regarding its own measurements as well as those of the other devices which measurements it displays.

The alarm thresholds can be configured for the entire measurement range of the device. There are alarms for dose rate and integrated dose overflow.

Dose estimation

In addition to the dose rate accurate measurement, the Neo estimates the operator's dosimetry during the intervention. Thise dose is for information only and cannot replace the use of an operational dosimeter.

Supervision of risky interventions

The Neo is perfectly adapted to the monitoring of dosimetric high risk sites.

A single Neo enables the monitoring of a team of up to 5 people simultaneously, allowing operators to safely concentrate on their work.

An integrated dose per operator can be set up. This makes the supervisor's task easier by directly displaying the integrated dose consumption expressed as a percentage.

Radiological event recording

The Neo can regularly save up to 20 000 dose rate measurements, permitting a delayed analysis of the intervention later on.

The data are Excel® compatible. The Nemedio enables the recovery of recordings on PC.


The Neo radio is compatible with EDF’s IN84. It is lower than 50 mW and 500 MHz. The Neo may be used in any EDF nuclear building without disturbing site safety measures.


The use of a waterproof  pouch avoids immobilizing the Neo for its decontamination.

Technical characteristics

Detection characteristics

Detector: Energy compensated Geiger Müller from 33keV to 1.25MeV

Unit: mSv/h

 Reference source: Cs 137

Sensitivity: 0.7c/s / µSv/h for the Cs 137

Display range:

Ambient dose equivalent rate: from 0.001mSv/h to 160.00mSv/h

Ambient dose equivalent: from 0.0001mSv to 99 999mSv

Effective measurement range: from 0.01mSv/h to 160mSv/h

Response time: < 2s during a significant variation

Radio transmission characteristics

Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz

Transmission power: 10mW maximum

Mechanical and environmental characteristics

Dimension: 120 x 65 x 22mm

Weight: 180g with battery

Alarm sound level: 85dBA at 30cm

Protection class: IP54

Electrical characteristics

Power supply: 9V battery

Battery-life: 20 hours for a dose rate < 1mSv/h (radio communication working, without alarm and without backlight)


Datasheet: NEO

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