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Radiation meter for risky intervention






















This device is designed to measure the gamma dose equivalent rate. It is particularly suitable for dosimetric high risk interventions or radiological event recordings. In addition to its radiation meter function, the Neo is able to transmit its measurements by radio frequency. It can also display the measurements of the other nearby Neo.

The NEO environnement is specialized for quick low dose rates measurement. The high sensistivity adjustable probe simplifies the measures above and below the container.




Technical characteristics


Detector: GM high volume

Sensitivity: 16 c/s  µSv/h for the Césium 137

Reference value: Energy compensated GM: H*(10) - Unit µSv/h

                         Non compensated GM: Screening - Units c/s (µSv/h possible depending of                                the REA)

                         Measurement range: between 10nSv/h and 1mSv/h


Display: Mean value and graphic trend graph

             Statistical precision (LUCID 2)

Alarm: Audible: 85dBA at 30cm

          Mechanical: Vibrate

Characteristics of radio wave emission

Frequency: 433,92MHz

Power of mission: 10 mW maximum

Free filed range: 400m with the antenna


Mechanical and environmental characteristics

Weight: NEO + probe: 1120g

            Telescopic rod: 980g

            NEO + probe + telescopic rod: 2100g

IP code: NEO: IP 54

             Probe: IP65

Dimension of the telescopic rod: Length unfold: 140cm

                                               Length fold: 43cm


Electrical characteristics

Power supply: 9 V battery

Battery life: 80 hours for a dose rate < 1 mSv/h without radio, 20 h with radio.


Datasheet: NEO Environment

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