Stand alone Gamma alarm system






















This device is adapted for the measurement of Ambient dose equivalent rate, especially for nuclear plant workers. This beacon was conceived to be as resistant as possible. Its cylindrical shape and its bumpers design allow for maximum shock absorptions and drops up to 1.6 m. The beacon polycarbonate body resists repeated hammer blows. The protection factor IP 65 means that the SAG-A is fully protected against dust and splashing water from all directions.  The SAG-A beacon is designed to float temporarily.


STURDY               WATERPROOF               SELF-CONTAINED

Technical characteristics


Reference value: Ambient dose equivalent rate H*(10)

Reference source: Cs 137

Effective range: 0.010mSv/h to 99.9mSv/h

Display range: 0.001mSv/h to 99.9mSv/h

Response time: < 2s on all the measurement range

Energy range: from 50keV to 1.5MeV


Alarm characteristics

PCT/PRC overdue: "PCT/PRC" display and malfunction alarm

Various indications: low battery, charge, remote measurement display, LED indicates an electrical outlet connection

Probe saturation: "SAT" display

Probe malfunction: "SENSOR FAULT" display

Visual alarm: 3 warning light towers (green, yellow and red)

Audible alarm: buzzer > 85dBA at 30cm

Threshold: 1.6mSv/h factory pre-set and configurable with a key

Electrical characteristics

Battery life: 40 days without alarm - 64 hours with alarm

Battery charger: 12V

Charging time: 1 day (usable during the charge)



Relays: 3 dry relay contact outputs (On, Failure, Alarm):

             - 40W with 48VDC

             - 60VA with 24VAC max – on resistive charge

Network connectivity: 2 x 2 RS 485 Modbus/Jbus (EDF beacon supervision compatible)

Mechanical and environmental characteristics

IP code: IP 65

Operating temperature: between -20°C and +50°C

Sensitivity to temperature: < 0.1%/°C on all the range

Housing materials: Polycarbonate and Polyurethane

Weight: 3kg (with Dolphy Evolution)

Dimensions: 460 x 160 x 160mm


Regulatory compliance

Compliance: IEC 60532-3 : 2010


Datasheet: SAG-A

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