LED Precaution sign

Gammagraphic inspections





















Allows for the demarcation of an area and for radiation hazard awareness for anyone approaching or trespassing. Motion detector causing the activation of the flashing LEDs and the alarm on the model with this option. Hazard signaled by a colorful front side, a clear message and a 16 LEDs visual alert.

Technical characteristics

Mechanical and environmental characteristics

Dimensions: 275 x 180 x 32mm

Weight: 450 to 500g (alarm option)

Housing: High impact polystyrene

Sound level: 90dB at 30cm (in the direction of the buzzer)


Electrical characteristics

Power supply: 7.2V Battery - 700mAh (6 units)

Charge: 12VDC/1A external power supply or charging rack

Charging time: 6 hours


Applications and use

Designed to demarcate the area during the gammagraphic inspections on industrial sites reference display for gammagraphic inspections at French nuclear power plants


Datasheet : LED precaution sign

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